Laboratory Approved Restoration of Sticky Shed Tapes

Published Papers

Rezerex’s Published Paper Regarding New  Process to Remediate Sticky Shed Tapes Without Baking or Applying Chemicals to the Oxide Surface 

      Determined to restore original performance of magnetic tapes afflicted with sticky shed syndrome, Mr. Richardson invented and the United States Patent and Trade Mark Office granted a patent for this new process to revive magnetic tapes.  The process restores high levels of sonic performance and vastly improves the mechanical performance of previously unplayable tapes. The process has far-reaching implications for the future of audio and video recordings on magnetic tape.  The Audio Engineering Society published Mr. Richardson’s research.  His paper details and critiques the history and chemistry of magnetic tape manufacture, sticky shed syndrome, the baking method, and introduces the new, patented Rezerex process, its discovery and the chemical research conducted by Chemir Laboratory, Maryland Heights, Missouri, supporting these conclusions with clear diagrams.   

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