Laboratory Approved Restoration of Sticky Shed Tapes
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REZEREXSM Magnetic Tape Restoration Services 

New, Effective and Safe Solutions to Restore Sticky Shed Tapes for Original Sound Quality in Playback. 

REZEREXSM Magnetic Tape Restoration Services offers new and effective solutions to restore magnetic tapes for long life superb performance in playback. REZEREXSM Consultation and Restoration Services are backed by independent laboratory research and more than 30 years of experience in recording and mastering to produce the highest quality sonic and mechanical results from magnetic tapes.  

REZEREXSM Restoration Services are based on a patented tape restoration process that eliminates Sticky Shed Syndrome from most magnetic tapes.  

After 5 years of extensive chemical research, the REZEREXSM process has been thoroughly tested and approved as safe and effective by the nationally recognized Chemir Laboratories of Maryland Heights, Missouri.  

The REZEREXSM process does not bake the tapes or put chemicals on the tapes oxide surface.  Laboratory research has conclusively established that these techniques are highly damaging.  Forced playback by baking or other aggressive techniques may destroy or permanently damage any magnetic tape and produce poor sound quality tape playbacks and, consequently, inferior digital copies. 

The primary goal of all REZEREXSM consultation and restoration services is to restore the tape's full original mechanical and magnetic qualities to sticky shed syndrome tapes in the safest possible manner for the longest life span. 

REZEREXSM Restoration Services assists owners and users of magnetic tapes who care about high quality results with a variety of safe and proprietary techniques and methods to both stabilize and restore problem tapes and preserve healthy tapes for a long useful life. 

An important REZEREXSM consulting service offered to owners of archives and tape collections is to survey and triage tape collections. This service focuses on assessing the value and condition of the tapes in a collection, diagnosing and prioritizing restoration of deteriorated tapes, analyzing existing tape storage and playback systems and creating a long term and cost effective plan for tape restoration, preservation, and migration. 

REZEREXSM Restoration Services provides a pragmatic yet conservative approach to fix or stabilize many problems that affect magnetic tapes, including sticky shed tapes, tapes with soft binders, squealing tapes, blocked tapes and tapes with mold and fungus.  

REZEREXSM Restoration Services has several techniques to restore mechanical and magnetic behavior to improve the playback quality of the tapes. These techniques can eliminate squealing, scrape flutter and high frequency separation losses.  

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